Friday, July 6, 2012

How Hot Is It?

It is SO HOT our irrigated turf is brown! We cancelled Fridays in the Gardens 2 weeks in a row because it is SO HOT! It is SO HOT that we are adding water to our garden ponds daily!
It is HOT in Northern Kentucky!! We are experiencing record temperatures for record extended periods with little to no rainfall. We are grateful for the irrigation system in the gardens, but even with it, plants are not performing well. The weeds, on the other hand, are loving it!

The shade garden is holding on. . . .the center of the bed has wilted on a couple
days, so hand watering was required. In a normal summer (whatever THAT is!) the irrigation is sufficient to cover the entire bed, but in these dry, hot conditions the soil and plants dry out quickly.

This is a view of one of our original landscape beds in the gardens. Even now, 12 years after planting, the different textures and shapes are beautiful. The bamboo in the background was not in the original plan, but replaced a planting of ornamental grasses about 5 years ago. It is maintained with a heavy plastic barrier buried 36 inches deep. It works well; this year we had 4 or 5 "escapees" in early spring, but we quickly removed them and all is well again.

BUT, other, exciting things are happening in the garden and around our building! In this photo you can see the beginnings of a new parking lot for the Campbell County Farmers Market. It is in the lower edge of the gardens. Although we lost several established trees, the main parts of the gardens are untouched, thankfully. The fruit orchard was removed in early spring and we are in the middle of a $1.5 million addition to our building. The new structure will include classrooms, offices, an enclosed atrium, and, much needed, storage space.

Be safe while in the sun !