Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

The gazebo area by the lake is looking beautiful. The Rose 'Homerun' is outstanding. It rivals Rose 'Knockout' for blooms, disease resistance and overall performance.

The shade garden we planted last year is lush and beautiful! It is filled with hostas, ferns, Variegated Solomon Seal, hydrangea, and Baptisia (which you can see blooming in the lower photo)The iris and tree peonies are blooming. We will probably need to move the iris in the fall, our full-sun garden has become a mostly-shade garden over the years! The iris will be planted on the outside edges to get more direct sun.

I have neglected the blog for several weeks as we have entered our busy season. Yesterday I finished the last class until fall, so we can concentrate on planting and maintaining the gardens.

We have had very temperamental weather recently, which has made it difficult to schedule planting. Three weekends of heavy rain (totaling about 8 inches of rain), frost on May 9 and 10 and high daytime temperatures ranging from 53 to 84 degrees---often within the same week has made for an interesting planting season.

We are having a Kid's Garden Camp during the last week of June . We love to get young children involved in gardening so it will become a lifelong passion for them as it is for many of us. Children are so open to experimenting and trying new things while in the garden. It should be a fun, educational week!

We welcome you to come visit the gardens when you are in the area. They change almost daily, so it's a good place to put on your "must stop" list!

Happy gardening!