Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Heat. . . .Already

Our volunteers stretching before starting a morning of planting ; led by Kate Vaught, Agent for Family and Consumer Science.

Where did Spring go? We've had a week of temperatures of 90 degrees and above with no end in sight. Another growing season of unusual weather! We are 13 inches above normal in rainfall and now are facing days of hot, humid weather with no forecast of rain in the near future . We turned on our irrigation system late last week as we had newly planted flowers that were suffering from lack of water.

We had a "planting blitz" last week! We were very late (because of all the rain!) getting our annual flowers planted, so we ask our wonderful volunteers to come daily to plant the beds. . . .and plant they did! All the display beds are now planted, fertilized, and watered in. Many THANKS to all who came out in the heat and humidity to get the beds done! We couldn't do it without you! Great job! Photos will follow in the next couple weeks to showcase their hard work.