Friday, March 9, 2012

Time Marches On. . .

Seems weather is the most prevalent topic on this blog. And usually the sentence starts with, "'s been a strange______________(season, summer, spring, winter). This post is going to be about the same! We've had an unbelieveably warm winter with very little snow and temperatures in the 50s and 60s most weeks. Everything in the garden is about 2 weeks early, including the daffodils.

The ones in the left photo are a new planting in the Hosta bed, the right photo is of the same area, but shows an older daffodil plantings on the hillside above the Hosta bed setting buds also.

We are getting ready for spring by offering educational classes. The scheduled classes include:
Gardening Through the Ages, March 14, 6:00 pm, Discover ways to adapt tools, change maintenance levels and still have the garden you love.
Deer Resistant Plants, April 4, 6 pm, Learn about deer-resistant varieties that can be planted in Northern KY.
Horticulture 101: Gardening for Beginners, April 9, 6 pm, New to gardening? Learn the basics of flower gardening, tree and lawn care.
Thinking Outside the (Flower) Box, May 2, 6 pm, Discover fun and imaginative ways of growing plants in containers. We'll share lots of new plant combinations, some you may not have thought of before!
Annuals in the Landscape, May 9, 6 pm, Learn about annual flowers that perform well in this area. We will also cover plant maintenance for annual beds and flower containers.

A 3-day Children's Garden Camp will be held in July and a children's garden club will be held during the summer months. Check our website for more classes and programs: