Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

Are we getting older, or is time going faster? Seems like we just finished planting annuals and tomato plants and it's already time to start planning the closing of the garden beds for winter.

We've had another strange growing season--weather-wise, at least. We had the wettest spring on record with 24.78 inches between March 1 & May 31, then the heat came with over 20 days of 90 degrees or greater (with a couple 100 degree days!) and now we are basking in daytime temperatures in the low- to mid- 70s.
Here are a few photos of the gardens this summer:

Chard 'Bright Lights' ready to be harvested to add to soup for
our hard working volunteers.

We use Zinnias for several of our on-going programs--perfect
for making table arrangements by Active Day Gardeners,
Highlands High School Garden Club, and kid's summer programs.

This is an antique wagon we have under a row of Pear 'Cleveland Select'.
It is planted with Impatiens, Caladium, Swedish Ivy, and Asparagus Fern.