Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty---Even in the Rain!

The shade garden is lovely this year---even in the rain!
The Tree Peonies are almost finished blooming, but were, once again, spectacular. They are an often overlooked perennial, but are truly worth the expense.
This Japanese Maple has been in the gardens since 2001, in the same pot, growing in the same location. Every Fall we consider removing it/moving it and, then, come Spring, it produces such beautiful color we change our minds! It's in exactly the right spot! It may get re-potted this year for it's own good.
We have several beds of lettuce in the vegetable area. We use it, weekly, for lunch for our Fridays in the Garden volunteers, our Active Day Gardeners and the Highlands High School Gardeners. Even lettuce tastes better fresh from the garden!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

This is how our rose bed looks right now! We have had record rainfall over the past few weeks, near record high temperatures last week and nights in the 40s this week---you know what they say about this area, stick around for an hour and the weather will change!