Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mother Nature's Glory

The garden is beautiful after the snow ! It is especially pretty because we had rain all day Friday, which froze and then received 4-5" of snow. We have some small trees and shrubs that are bent with the weight of the snow/ice, but, hopefully, we won't have too much damage. It is worse to try and knock the ice off plants than let it melt naturally. More damage occurs when humans try to help!
Our grower, S. Zink, is busy planting seeds for us. She grows all the vegetables and herbs that we use in the garden and for our many spring classes. She also starts the annuals used in the demonstration and display beds. David started some broccoli and cauliflower seeds in the office on Friday.
We received sad news this morning. Dolores Fink, horticulture technician, passed away this morning after a short illness. She was the pleasant voice and smiling face our clients were met with when calling or visiting with a question or plant problem. She will be missed for her grace and positive attitude.