Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Our first snow of the year!
We received between 4 and 5 inches yesterday through this morning. Unfortunately we are also having temperatures in the single digits. The highs have only reached 22 degrees for the past 8 days. But, snow acts as an insulator for plants, so this snowfall was a good thing for them. With the cold temps forcasted for another few days, we won't be too concerned about any plant protection . We always keep a good layer of mulch on all our flower beds and plants because of the cold wind coming off the lake, blowing across the garden constantly.

We are spending time choosing seeds and plants from the many catalogs we receive. The orders will go in by Tuesday; our grower will need to start some by the end of January. It's always a fun time of year!
We are making final plans for our spring gardening classes; I will post them on the blog in the next week.
Enjoy nature's beauty!